Solutions for Property Developers

We help property developers make key investment and sales decisions, faster.

Property Monitor's data and market knowledge enable property developers to create more responsive strategies, financial feasibilities and sales positioning.

Whether you subscribe to our online platform or a series of offline reports, we offer both out-of-the-box and customisable solutions that can help.


Understand the specific product

We have the most granular data on active properties available in the market. Understand what is selling, where.

Understand the wider market

Zoom in and out of the market, examine the best available data from multiple sources and access our expert view.

Reduce research costs

Use our real-time platform to secure better data and insight, more cost-effectively than internal research teams or external consultancies.


  • Market Data

  • Property Monitor Index

  • Market Statistics

  • Heat Map

  • Project & Supply Tracker

  • Service Fee Charge

  • Custom Agent Report

  • Bank Portfolio Review

  • Area Risk Matrix

  • Automated Valuation Module

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