Solutions for Mortgage Lenders

We help mortgage lenders in the UAE better identify and manage residential property risk.

Property Monitor's data, market knowledge, and advanced analytics enable mortgage lenders to better understand residential lending risk and to sharpen their processes, provisioning and strategy.

Whether you subscribe to our online platform or a series of offline reports, we offer both out-of-the-box and customisable solutions that can help.


More responsive provisioning

Enable real-time Loan to Value re-establishment across your portfolio for more agile regulatory capital calculations, and more accurate reporting.

Identify lending hotspots

Gain visibility into the risk underlying specific developments across the UAE, creating a more informed lending strategy and more tailored products.

Secure more business

Acquire new clients, faster, with instant access to evidence and opinion and upsell to existing ones by identifying equity release opportunities in real-time.


  • Market Data

  • Property Monitor Index

  • Market Statistics

  • Heat Map

  • Project & Supply Tracker

  • Service Fee Charge

  • Custom Agent Report

  • Bank Portfolio Review

  • Area Risk Matrix

  • Automated Valuation Module

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