Automated Valuation Model


Property Monitor Automated Valuation Model

The very first 'Lender Grade' AVM for the UAE Market

The Property Monitor Automated Valuation Model (AVM) is the first development of a 'Lender Grade' AVM in the UAE. Whilst AVM usage is well established in Europe and North America, the availability of data and development of localised robust algorithms has restricted lender adoption in the UAE marketplace until now.

Loan Origination

Our origination AVM gives lenders the security of a faster time to an initial lending decision, without increasing risk.

Portfolio and Back Book

The back-book AVM allows us to deliver fast, accurate, asset-by-asset valuations of residential property portfolios and stress testing of both existing books and other portfolios.

Valuation Audit

The unique Property Monitor Val Check ‘Guardian’ system works seamlessly alongside new physical valuation instructions and underpins the accuracy of current valuations for both lenders and surveyors.

High quality, timely and data of known provenance is critical when creating an accurate automated valuation model.  Property Monitor’s track record of providing data solutions and cleaning and compiling large volumes of data has provided the ideal foundation for the AVM product suite. 

Our valuation model pulls together a rich variety of listing, transactional and supplementary data from one of the largest property data sets available and further supports that with surveyor data records.

AVM Methodology

The first step is to uniquely identify the property using our database look-up.

Secondly, the AVM will identify properties nearby and in comparable settings with similar characteristics, employing powerful algorithms, proprietary indexes built at community levels and local market evidence to estimate the value of each relevant property in our database as at today’s date.

Thirdly we apply our unique analytics, including price per square foot metrics, indexation of historical price points and the ranking of the comparable evidence to give a valuation estimate and an associated confidence level for the subject property.

Our AVM is available via a straightforward desktop User Interface or an integrated API call service and can be tailored to your business rules.


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